<aside> 🌸 Tokyo, originally known as Edo, is the capital city of Japan and the most populous metropolitan city in the world. It is part of the Kantō region and recognized as one of the world’s most liveable cities. The city is the centre of Japan’s politics, monarchy, and economy.

The origins of Tokyo starts from at least the 15th-century, with centuries of history developing the city into what it is today. Now, the city has emerged as a leading international financial centre and is described as one of the three “command centres” for the wold econony, along with London and New York City. Millions of tourists explore the city every year, visiting various stores, downtowns and entertainment districts.

Tokyo is one of the cultural capitals of the world - flourishing from its traditional olden times to modern trendsetting. There are splashes of history, culture and art peppered all throughout the city. Nowadays, along with its world famous manga, anime, and video games, the city is also frequently the setting for many domestic and international movies and TV shows.

Wherever you go, there are wonders to see in Tokyo. We can’t wait for you to explore them all!


<aside> 📍 Location: 35°41′23″N 139°41′32″E


<aside> 🕒 Time zone: UTC+09:00 (Japan Standard Time)


<aside> 💬 Official Language: Japanese


<aside> 💱 Currency: ¥ Japanese Yen (JPY)


<aside> ✈️ Airport: Narita International Airport & Haneda Airport


<aside> 🚰 Tap water is SAFE to drink


<aside> ☀️ Average April Weather Daily high: 19ºC (66ºF) Daily Low: 10ºC (50ºF)



🗺️ Event Venue

<aside> 🚨 Please note: This event — a closed, invite-only event — is only open to the hackers who are accepted and have staked to attend. Other than hackers, entry is open to select Partners. General admissions or visitors will not be allowed into the event.


Toranomon Hills Forums | Business Center | Toranomon Hills-Toranomon Hills

<aside> 🏯 Toranomon Hills Forum Floor 4 & 5 of Toranomon Hills Mori Tower

Address | 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Ward | Minato

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🗺️ Getting there

✈️  If you are arriving to the venue from the airport:

🚆 If you are arriving to the venue by train:

Tokyo Metro (Official Site)

Toei Subway (Official Site)

🚍 If you are arriving to the venue by bus:

City Bus

From Shibuya

From Shimbashi

Metropolitan Bus Service (Official Site)

Tokyo Bus

From Tokyo

Tokyu Bus Navi (Official Site)

Minato-ku community bus "Chii-Bus"

From Shimbashi Station: Shimbashi Station → Atago 1-chome From Minato Park Shibaura: Minato Park Shibaura → Tamachi Station → Shiba Koen Station → Onarimon Station → Atago 1-chome

Minato City Homepage "Chii-Bus" (Official Site)

Tokyo BRT

Tokyo BRT (Official Site)

🚕  For cabs or other local transport:

More transit information to the venue can be found HERE


🎊 Exploring the City!

🕺🏻Here’s a fun map if you want to vibe check the city!

Tokyo Neighborhood Map

✨ What to eat, where to stay, and how to explore the city!

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